What we heard from stakeholders

We facilitated listening sessions across the country to solicit input and ideas from stakeholders who are committed to diversifying the research workforce across all fields and sectors. Through these energizing discussions with representatives from higher education, private industry and government we have identified the key points below to consider for the Leadership Alliance 2020 Strategic Plan. We updated this list after every listening session and used these themes to develop our goals and vision statement.

Key themes and Discussion Points:

  • Develop a mechanism to support regional and national professional networks at all education and career levels
  • Utilize resources at minority-serving institutions to develop additional undergraduate research opportunities
  • Develop a membership model that includes government, industry, professional societies, and non-profit organizations
  • Coordinate efforts across programs and organizations to leverage resources, broaden awareness of available opportunities, and share best practices
  • Convene and participate in policy discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion at institutional and national levels
  • Create career planning resources and training to support educational and career transitions
  • Develop institutional resources to build solutions for diversity, equity and inclusion for students and faculty
  • Expose diverse groups of students to a broad array of research careers as early as possible

Updated February 2, 2019

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