Read Our 2010-2020 Strategic Plan

The Leadership Alliance is a successful pipeline model that systematically mentors talented underrepresented and underserved individuals at all stages of the higher education pipeline into positions in academia, the public and private sectors, offering support at each step of the academic pathway. The collective and dedicated efforts of the Leadership Alliance Institutional and Program Coordinators have contributed significantly to the development of a competitive and diverse workforce. A continued investment in the Leadership Alliance is essential to transforming the culture, values, and practices of our institutions to make diversity a valued part of the academic landscape and, through the production of high-quality, multi-disciplinary scholars, to diversify the base of faculty in the academy and leaders in the public and private sectors. To move us well beyond the accomplishments we have achieved thus far, the Leadership Alliance community has invested its rich intellectual capacity to establish new standards of excellence informed by ambitious goals and clearly-defined strategic actions and outcomes. With the combined, unified efforts of its coordinators and stakeholders, the Leadership Alliance has embarked on the development and implementation of a new strategic direction: A Decade of Distinction.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Leadership Alliance is to develop underrepresented students into outstanding leaders and role models in academia, business and the public sector.

Vision Statement

By 2020, the Leadership Alliance will become the nation’s preeminent consortium for academic diversity.

Strategic Plan Goals

The following goals are essential to defining the strategic direction of the Leadership Alliance:

  • Goal 1: Develop a Prepared Talent Pool for the 21st Century Workforce
  • Goal 2: Expand the Cadre of New Doctoral Scholars
  • Goal 3: Sustain Institutional Commitment to Diversity
  • Goal 4: Manage the Consortium Partnership Effectively
  • Goal 5: Advance the Visibility and Reputation of the Consortium

The strategic goals outlined in this plan articulate a bold vision for the Leadership Alliance that will serve to guide our efforts over the next decade. Implementation of this plan will require a sustained investment to achieve the intended outcomes of advancing diversity and institutional transformation.A Decade of Distinction, therefore, continues the Alliance vision to train, to mentor and to inspire a diverse and competitive 21st century workforce!

Read the full strategic plan here. 

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